Inner Home (2020)

Inner Home is Simon’s debut album as a composing drummer. For more information please click NEW ALBUM in the menu.

Alcuna Wilds

Alcuna Wilds is a British/Dutch band based in the Netherlands.

Simon was in Alcuna Wilds for one and a half years (2017-2018). He took part in five tours in Germany, Belgium and the UK. His playing can be heard on their 2019 EP Nothing Is Nothing, which is available on streaming platforms and vinyl record.

Jordy Pama (synths, bass, backing vocals), Simon Hölscher (drums, samples), Nadja Freeman (vocals, synths), Pete Barnes (guitar) – Photo: Merel van den Enden

“Transfixing moments of rock and electronically stimulated synths are cut by atmospheric beauty, a perplexing concoction of sonic elements that swirl together to create masterpiece after masterpiece. Nothing is Nothing is an explorative EP that is sure to wow.” – Birmingham Live (UK)


“How lucky I was as a kid, to have been exposed to music. I wish that everyone has access to it. Therefore I created a three-hour long live educational program for anyone interested in the instrument and the life around it. On the 15th of April 2018, 35 attendees of all levels and ages have learned how to count and read music, improvise, play along to a pop song and survive touring with a band. Great fun!”

Photo: Justin van Tol Visuals

HKU Big Band

Simon took part in a concert series by the HKU Big Band featuring Dutch saxophonist Tineke Postma and trombonist/musical leader Ilja Reijngoud (2018).

Photo: Huub van Beurden

Big Band Cooldown 7

Simon has played in Cooldown 7 both as a drummer and a percussionist (2014-2017).

Photo: Roos Jansen

The Caretaker

The Caretaker is a theater play written by Harold Pinter (premiered in 1960). Dutch theater director Marijn van den Bogaard edited the play for three actors and a drummer. Simon was given center stage, improvising to all that was happening in real-time. The collective has performed at theaters in Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and other cities (2016).

Stefan Cappiello, Luuk Weggemans, Simon Hölscher, Mats Thewessem – Stage design: Floris Barnhoorn

You Name It Trio

Three students from the Conservatory of Utrecht once started a guitar trio based on a shared interest in jazz, funk and fusion. Some of their past adventures: Jazz Marina Festival in Naarden, playing for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, collaborating with classical sax player Aubrey Snell in theater.

Jelle van Bemmelen (guitar), Eli Westerveld (bass), Simon Hölscher (drums)

Route 66½

Route 66½ (2008-2014) has been the most formative band of Simon’s middle school years. They performed classic rock and blues music (Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Focus, Golden Earring, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Santana).


Ko-nineties have performed party music at festivals for a short period in 2013.